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Teyseer Air conditioning and Refrigeration

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Suppliers of Air Conditioners, Freezers, Fridges, Water Coolers, & Cooking Equipments; Installation & Service of Package & Central Air Conditioning Systems; Ducting Manufacture.

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Teyseer Air conditioning and refrigerator is sole Agent and main distributor and supplier of  Test MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES (MHI) Multi split Air-Conditioner and KX & VRF System in Qatar, with over (35) years of experience in this filed with Quality of air conditioning equipment for commercial and residential use. We offer a wide range of products and services, specializing particularly in the field of comfort air-conditioning and refrigeration. The Company is sole distributor for MITSUBISHI HAVY INDUSTRIES Air-Conditioning equipment. Comprehensive after-sales services of A/C equipment’s are available through the Company’s own fully equipped Workshop. The company is managed by MR. KHALID A. R. AL MANNAI who is a member of Directors in Teyseer Group.

Our Vision:

To be the first choice partner in the field of Air-conditioning services, for people to move into the world of cooling and bacteria free Air through quality of services. We sell solution for cooling as per availability of MHI products. We target a steady and sustainable growth and satisfied customers.

Our Mission:

  • To establish and maintain a customer preference based organization
  • To provide high quality and innovative services through adaptation and cooling in state of art infrastructure with a team of professionals.
  • To continuously develop, motivate our customers of communication and partnership in the development of services.
  • To maintain the reputation of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as the best air-conditioners in Qatar market.


TEYSSER AIR CONDITIONING operates a continuous CSR (sustainable responsible business) policy, with a role to realize a sustainable society through it’s
Various areas of business.

Our Message:

To achieve this aim, we seek to provide further value by improving the technologies we have fostered and using new ideas and concepts to integrate our diverse technologies. From a global perspective, we work to solve the problems facing our customer and to realize everyone's dreams. 

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MHI much envied quality quite operation noise and simply from the close attention paid to design, production and testing as well as aftersales support. To this end, Teyseer is carefully selected and rigorously tested to verify its contribution to product quality and reliability.   

Commercial air conditioning and KX solutions from Teyseer Air Condition provide year round comfort for:
•    VIP Private Villas.
•    Corporate House and Camp.
•    Showrooms and Offices Galleries.
•    Apartments and Buildings.
•     Residential Compounds.
•    Commercials Buildings.
•    Hotel & Towers.
•    Mosques.

Solutions Range:

Teyseer Air Condition offers the best solution for your building needs. Or Sales and Project Engineer can advise which combination of commercial air conditioning solutions is ideal for your building.


Suppliers of Air Conditioners High Performance Style and technology come together in
MHI SPLIT AC units. Wean we your our AC that min Powerful airflow and long Reach Air flow with High Efficiency. 


No matter how hot or cold the temperature is outside, MHI offers inverter controlled temperature without fluctuations. This helps reducing energy consumption up to 50% (compared to non- inverter), MHI air conditioning ensures a pleasant indoor environment within all kinds of commercial environments, large or small. Discover Seasonal Efficiency.


(Installation & Service of Package & Central Air conditioning System)
Teyseer Air Conditioning is Proud to introduce the latest, most sophisticated and friendly A/C System. 
Company offers one integrated solutions from MHI with highly advanced technologies bring the most comfortable atmosphere. (Tropical Usage Model) which has been used in Japan and Europe, Middle East Markets.

Advantages of Tropical KX:

1.    Cop (High Efficiency)
       •    Reduction of operation cost (energy saving).
       •    Increased reliability and comfort.
       •    All compressors are inverter.
2.    Design flexibility
       •    Satisfies various requests.
3.    Reliability of operation
       •    High reliability
4.    Serviceability & maintenance
       •    Easy maintenance.
       •    Separate machine room   
       •    Mentee pc tools.
5.    New indoor units.


Through our work we have to get all the work that will help in the development of this work for this we were one of the first companies in the field of pre -insulated ducting & thermal insulation.

Teyseer Air Condition panel ductwork can be used in any project typology:
(Offices, Commercial centers, Compound Villas, Palaces, Restaurants, Hotel, Towers & Mosques).

Qualities of Panel Duct:
1.    Indoor Air Quality.
2.    Load Loss
3.    Long Life Materials.
4.    Easy to Build.
5.    Standards & Regulations.

Advantages of Panel Duct:
1.    Construction.
2.    Easy to Design.
3.    Hygiene.
4.    Excellent Reaction to Fire.
5.    Clean Transport of inside Air.

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The product range and technical knowhow of the company is constantly updated and upgraded ensuring the availability of the right product and technical expertise from around the world.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LTD.

Sole Manufacturer of Mitsubishi Aircon Products ...


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Head Office

Teyseer Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Post Box 1556 Salwa Street
Doha State of Qatar
Office Tel: +974.4409040
Sales Tel: +974.44502508
Sales Tel: +974.446094371
Fax : +974.44604921
Email : teyacws@teyseergroup.com

Workshop & Maintenance

Industrial Area, Street No. 31 Gate No: 173

Tel. : +974.44606001
Tel. : +974.44606002
Tel. : +974.44606003
Fax : +974.44603644
Email : teyacws@teyseergroup.com

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Regular Working Hours :

8:00 am - 12:00 pm (Saturday until Thursday)

4:00 pm - 8:00 pm (Saturday until Thursday)

Ramadan :

7:00 am - 1:30 pm (Saturday until Thursday)

Keep in touch:
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