Teyseer Motors is excited to introduce ECar Golf

Teyseer Motors is excited to introduce ECar Golf

Teyseer Motors, where we strive for excellent quality, top class service and innovation. This is why Teyseer Motors is excited to introduce ECar Golf as the latest newcomer to our range of products.

This durable Australian brand is a highly respected electric utility vehicle manufacturer. ECar relies on the highest standards of German engineering combined with cutting edge Trojan deep cycle maintenance free batteries. The extended battery life is due to the one-of-a-kind, self-draining through control unit, technology, which is why a two-year warranty on the batteries, electrical and mechanical components is offered with confidence.

Teyseer Motors is equipped to cater to your specific requirements, ranging from standard golf carts, people movers, fully functioning fire trucks, ambulances, security and police cars, off-road landscaping or grounds men utility units, novelty classics styles, with air-conditioning and Bluetooth radio, or even something more specialized. At Teyseer Motors in partnership with ECar Golf, we aim to please.

Come visit our showroom at the Teyseer complex on airport road in Hilal or go to our website @ ecargolf.qa or teymotor.com. We look forward to your visit and cannot wait to help you get the ECar you want. 

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