Teyseer Group a progressive conglomerate of pioneering companies is driven by an entrepreneurial tradition of business integrity, goal-orientation and a solution provider with the spirit of service over five decades. It is where we work and how we work together that sets us apart. We are transformers of ideas with a strong penchant for innovation. We are courageous in our thinking and responsible for our clients who put their trust in us.

Thanks to this progressive mindset, we succeeded since our beginning in 1968 to become a leading force in our nation’s accelerated growth. We built on our experience one milestone after another, fostering organizational values, culture with a focus on acquiring relevant expertise, delivering specialized services and expanding capabilities.

Today, Teyseer Group have 18 independent entities that work side by side and synergistically to achieve the best in their fields, promoting a healthy culture of ’the synergy of one for the power of all’.

Teyseer Group’s success is derived from a dynamic workforce that reaches 10,000 plus employees and steadfast support of its senior management, who balances insight and action to deliver solutions that work for the benefit of all through periods of change, stability and growth.