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Welcome to Teyseer Group, where innovation guides ideas and dreams get wings to fly.

With a small and humble beginning in 1968, Teyseer has come a long way through a huge transformation, overcoming a multitude of challenges. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our executive management team and thousands of our dedicated employees, today we can take pride in the strength of our service capabilities, organizational values, vision and innovative thinking that we are in a position to take definitive steps towards participating in Qatar’s sustainable and ambitious growth strategies.

Thanks to the visionary and inspiring leadership of Father Emir HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani and The Emir of Qatar HH Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, Qatar is experiencing the most exciting phase in its history. In 2010, when Qatar was chosen by the international community as the host nation for FIFA 2022 world cup tournament, it was a resounding vote of confidence for our country, our leadership and our people. The winning bid was an endorsement by the global community that Qatar can deliver exceptional results.

We see the transformation around us as promising opportunities to create new horizons. We are drawing on the potential offered by Qatar as one of the region’s leading economy.

Our constant quest for improvement has established Teyseer as a leading business group in Qatar with many of our group companies as market leaders in their respective fields of operations. Over the past more than 40 years, Teyseer has redefined the dynamics of trust, reputation, customer service, honesty and transparency, leading to our growth and success, which inspire our values and business principles. We have always believed in the vision and wisdom which reminds us that “we cannot discover new oceans, if we lack the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

The driving force behind our growth and success undoubtedly has been the trust that our customers have placed in us for long years. They stood by us as we went on sharing the vision of Qatar and constantly kept on participating in shaping the country’s development initiatives. Our customers have given us the opportunity to partner in our country’s amazing transformation into a leading economic force. Our international principals, business partners and vendors have lent us formidable support and ability in making us what we are today – one of the highly reputed and admired business houses in the country.

In these long journey of learning, growth, success and discoveries, I would like to place on record my deep appreciation for all directors, employees, financial institutions, shareholders, customers, international principals and other stakeholders, for their whole-hearted dedication and professional support. Teyseer is committed to differentiating itself in the marketplace through customer focused services and innovative products, technology & solution offerings, so as to build a stronger and sustainable future for our Group as well as our Country.

As Qatar continues to move steadily towards becoming the region’s main economic power, we are as determined as before to be a part of our country’s promising future. We are always open to business and to new ideas, because we believe, an open mind is one that can take full advantage of opportunities, and it’s amazing what you can achieve, when you work together.

Abdul Rahman Essa Al Mannai
Chairman, Teyseer Group

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The sixteen companies within the TEYSEER Group largely operate in an autonomous manner.

Such as the competitiveness, capability and quality of product or service of each company that the protocol of positive discrimination for group company products or services rarely needs to be emphasized. The Group has evolved in such a way that many of its activities are highly complementary to each other. Indeed many of their external services were originally created to fulfil a real requirement within the Group because either some aspect, whether cost, quality, turn-round etc. was not available in the market place. It has been this entrepreneurial spirit that has resulted in them bringing new and innovative concepts to the Qatar market and success as market leaders in so many activities. Its customers and clients can reap the benefits of the economies of scale by the immense buying strength of the Group and be assured that their co-operative strength will solve any problem.

Behind this inter company harmony also lies a further level of corporate support, provided from the Group Headquarters in Doha. Here are the offices of the Chairman, other Directors and the Senior Management teams including Group Administration, Financial Control, Legal, Internal Audit and other departments committed to the smooth coordination and direction of over 3000 employees. To ensure full communication and control is maintained throughout the Group, the TEYSEER Group have invested in appropriate information technology based solutions which have resulted in enhanced user productivity and improved customer service.

A dedicated Information Technology Division has been created with responsibility to implement, maintain and support business applications, technology infrastructure and networks. This helps the Group in the successful conclusion of its objectives, improves competitiveness and business processes, provides accurate and up to the minute business information and analyses market trends. They have also been responsible for the successful computerization of all companies within the Group so that maximum compatibility can be maintained. This is a continuous process and as technology develops and provides proven benefits to meet increased business demands, TEYSEER is committed to its adoption.

Every journey of discovery starts with one step. Take that one step and contact TEYSEER today.

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What is Teyseer Touch ? The answer to this question brings out the core values of Teyseer Group.

The Teyseer Touch is characterized by the following tenets:-

  • The Teyseer touch is experienced but embraces new technologies with open arms.
  • The Teyseer touch is creative, moulding new ideas into practical realities.
  • The Teyseer touch is dexterous, multi skilled and professional.
  • The Teyseer touch is firm yet flexible to adapt to an everchanging market place.
  • The Teyseer touch is supportive, helping and guiding international business to realise their full potential in Qatar.
  • The Teyseer touch is swift to grasp opportunity with both hands.
  • The Teyseer touch is strength, in depth, in-house.
  • The Teyseer touch is sensitive, and dedicated to provide the highest quality of customer service.
  • The Teyseer touch is inspirational, fastidious in its attention to detail and not afraid of hard work.
  • The Teyseer touch is warm, friendly and approachable.
  • The Teyseer touch is here to serve the people of Qatar.
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