Qatar Plant Hire Co. W.L.L

The rise of Qatar as the number one supplier of Liquefied Natural Gas in the world, came with a substantial construction boom of the country’s most advanced manufacturing and industrial complexes and facilities. To keep up with the growing demand in specialized construction techniques and services, Qatar Plant Hire was established, specializing in contract scaffolding, Event Scaffolding with Grandstands, and further expanded to leasing and sales of materials in the construction field along with venturing into oil and gas industry.

In the oil and gas industry, Industrial scaffolding is different from conventional scaffolding, as it requires specialized manpower, higher number of personnel and different kind of material and equipment. Thanks to an extensive experience that spans over 32 years and CITB certified teams of scaffolders, our solutions were developed and optimized throughout a mix of trades with a focus on Oil, Gas and Petro Chemical Industries.

QPH has evolved with their clients and in addition to their services, to provide additional disciplines and offer a complete industrial Maintenance packages that include but not limited to Insulation along with coatings and linings. Accordingly, the company provides innovative solutions, services and products that protect, conserve and ensure the durability and performance of modern industrial operations in hot and cold insulation, thermal and cryogenic insulation and acoustic insulation, abrasive grit blasting, mechanical preparations, hand preparations, airless, brush and roller painting along with high pressure water jetting.

Safety and security of all projects remain our top priority using fully maintained ultramodern equipment, and locally sourced products of international standards. All the technicians undergo rigorous trainings that equip them to service and maintain systems, always at an excellent level.

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